We Believe

“Your front-line workers are NOT problems to be solved but rather, solutions to be harnessed.” – Dr. Todd Conklin PhD

Investigations suggest that 80% of Process Safety incidents are caused by a variety of human errors.

A Multi-layered Solution

We are convinced that mistakes are never intentional and, this multi-layered problem, requires a multi-layered solution.

Our Approach

Simply digitizing workflows is not  a solution

OperAid is a software platform for Process Safety related workflows capturing concerns of the frontline Technicians, Plant Supervisors and Process Safety Engineers.

Our real-time verification of work:

Helps Process Safety Engineers measure Operational Discipline & produces predictive analytics

Reduces front-line mistakes

Eliminates time consuming post job verification by Supervisors

“Digitizing procedures and checklists made pencil whipping easier!

Offshore Asset Manager at a super-major that recently “went digital”.

Industries we serve

Our Customers literally turn the wheels of society.  From transportation, fuel, plastics for everyday use, and energizing lives enabling them to cook, create, work and travel.


We enable a safer process for our Customers to produce the raw materials needed for society.


Neil Beekie – CEO/Cofounder

Worked as a Field Technician and Lead Operator at bp Trinidad & Tobago. He understands Process Plant Operations and what makes Operators tick and ticked off.


Celwin Tirath – COO/Cofounder

US Military veteran who’s worked in delivering global, multi million-dollar software solutions within the Telecommunications space.


Jason Dain – CTO

Experienced Technical Assistant for the Center of Information and Communication Technology department at the University of Trinidad & Tobago.



Software that empowers people at high-risk industrial facilities, to operate significantly safer and more effective.


Our customers are builders of modern living, we help them assure a significantly safer operation.



We don’t know everything.


We respect that diversity of thought comes in different genders, races, lifestyles, and experiences.


We perform like an orchestra, individually expert but collectively harmonious.


We were helped by many and, shall always pay-it-forward.


We aspire to financial progression but, we do this with utmost integrity to our moral, social and legal expectations.


We continuously push technological boundaries to achieve our vision.